Nuby Natural Touch Baby Bottles

Nuby Natural Touch Baby Bottles with Natural shape and size, Natural soft feel and Natural movement. The Natural Touch bottles have been designed to make breast feeding and bottle feeding work better together. By mimicking the natural shape , texture, and function of a mother’s breast, the baby’s transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding becomes easy.

3 pack. BPA free. 270ml bottles. 0m+ slow flow


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The Nuby Natural Touch teat mimics the natural contour and size of a mother’s breast, allowing for easier acceptance and easy latch on. Made of Nuby’s unique silicone, it is soft and reacts more like a mother’s nipple. The teat gently flexes and elongates like mother’s nipple. Not only does this feel more natural, it also allows your baby to position the teat at the correct angle for feeding. Built -in anti-colic valves in the teat help reduce the risk of colic. Easier to combine breast and bottle feeding. BPA free. Slow flow.


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