LMV Baby Stroller XXX3 Large (Multi-color) is designed with your baby’s security in mind. It comes with a three pointed belt strap which ensures that your baby stays in place and does not come into harm’s way. The product only has a waist strap. This means there is enough space for him/her to be able to move around and stay engaged with toys too. The seat is made with soft, baby-friendly material and extra padding to make sure your baby is comfortable. The seat also reclines at three angles, giving your child the ease of a quick snooze or the support to sit upright for a meal.


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  • Baby stroller with foldable foot support.
  • EVA wheels, fabric rear basket and canopy.
  • Handle bar can control stroller directly.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • A safe and comfortable ride.
  • Suitable for home furnishing use, do not have to worry about floor damaged.


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